Sister Mary Enrichetta Dominici, who was the Superior General from 1861 till her death in 1894, gave new impetus to our Religious Family, strengthening its spirituality on the Trinitarian intimacy, and opening it to the horizons of the mission “Ad Gentes”.

Mother Enrichetta strongly desired that God and His love be known to the whole world, because “it is impossible to know Him and not love Him.” Hence in 1871 she sent the first six missionaries to India.

Being present right from the beginning at Secunderabad in Andhra Pradesh the Sisters spread out to the various States of India, and today our mission in India is the biggest.

In 1920, the Community in Switzerland was opened to render service to the emigrants and in 1952 we were sent to the United States of America to work for missionary conscientization and animation.

In the years following Vatican Council II, our presence as Sisters of St. Ann spread in many other countries like: Brazil, Mexico, Philippines, Perù, Cameroon, Argentina, Albania and England.

In 1978 Mother Enrichetta Dominici was proclaimed Blessed by Pope Paul VI for her heroism with which she lived the Christian values in her daily life.