XXXIV GENERAL CHAPTER – Rome, 8th – 25th September 2021
Reconvocation of the XXXIV General Chapter

What is a Chapter?

The General Chapter is not something routine, or an obligatory passage to be traversed every six years. In the General Chapters, every Institute is called “to discern, in the light of the Spirit, the best ways to preserve and adapt their charism and their spiritual patrimony to changing historical and cultural situations” (VC 42). These are the most precious treasures of our Congregation. For this reason, in communion with the whole Church, let us implore the intercession of Mary and of all the Saints, especially St. Ann, Blessed Mother Enrichetta and also our Venerable Founders and all the “saintly” Sisters who have gone before us.


Sisters of St. Ann, a Family for Families

Journeying with the Church, bringing Hope and Joy to the world today

This theme stems from the need to reaffirm our charismatic and missionary identity as a Religious Family which:

· is rooted in the Trinitarian Family;

· is linked to Families of Saints (the family of Saints Joachim and Ann; that of Nazareth, that of Carlo Tancredi and Giulia…);

· is journeying in the big Family which is the Church;

· today, more than ever, needs to concretely revive an authentic family spirit;

· is witnessing, by grace, the collaboration and sharing with many families of the laity who are forming LASA groups;

· is called, in its service, to go out and encounter all the families that are the fundamental, but currently, most fragile element of society;

· is vitally incorporated in the Universal Family, with all the problems and challenges that it presents, at the world level.

This wide theme of the Family will therefore be subdivided into three areas:

1. From a Family

2. In family

3. A Family for families