The LASA of the 5 communities of the Delegation together with the Sisters, continue their activities (following the protocols) even amidst this pandemic. Some Communities can have face to face encounter while some are online for the celebration of important events of the Congregation, formation, renewal of promises and prayers. Praying the Chaplet of Merciful Love is especially offered for the health workers and other frontliners, for the healing of those who are afflicted and for the cessation of the transmission of the virus.

May the Good Lord bless us all and keep us always safe!



“It is my great joy to serve God and His people through the encouragement of the Sisters of St. Ann.”

I am Editha Salipot, married and I have come to know the Sisters of St. Ann in the year 2007 when I was invited by one of the Sisters to join the Lay Group which was initially formed in order to transmit to the lay people the Charism and Mission of the Congregation, which was founded by a lay couple Carlo Tancredi and Giulia of Barolo. It was very interesting to learn how this rich and noble couple was able to dedicate their lives and wealth in the service of the needy and the miserable of the society of their time. Their life was very inspiring and we were very much encouraged also to do works of charity, to evangelize and to give counsel to the poor families in our neighbourhood, especially to those who seem to live without the sense of God in their miserable conditions. It was through these situations which I encountered that I have learned to become merciful and kind to the less fortunate people, at the same time, changing my attitude of being proud and indifferent. In doing so, I began to enjoy and love the encounters with the group, as well as the encounter with the poor, with the sick, with the lonely, with those who live in shanty houses.

We, the LASA group, participate in the sorrow of grieving families with loved ones who passed away and we pray with them during the wake (vigil). We also collaborate with the Sisters in the feeding program of street children every Saturday. St. Ann’s Feast, a family feast: We feel privileged to participate in the various activities of the Sisters like the practice of the devotion to St. Ann for the whole month of July, done every evening in the homes of different families who joyfully and willingly accepted the visit of St. Ann’s statue in their houses. Above all, we gather regularly for the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, for praying the Holy Rosary, for sharing of the Word of God and for Eucharistic Celebrations during particular occasions.

We are also proud to have learned to pray the Chaplet of Merciful Love and to have the privilege to be present and to participate in the various special events of the Sisters of St. Ann. We also go to pilgrimages, visiting Holy Shrines and holy places, and we spend our time fruitfully, praying and after, bonding together. Pilgrims in the Jubilee Year of Mercy: The most significant pilgrimage we have done so far was the Pilgrimage of Mercy when all the LASA members of the Delegation Communities, together with the Sisters, visited the designated Jubilee Churches of the Diocese of Cubao, Quezon City. Our group fervently made a “walk of mercy” by passing through the Holy Doors of the Churches, offering prayers with different intentions. It was a “walk of mercy” because it was a journey of walking closer with the Merciful God as we experienced moments of grace and spiritual renewal. In fact, one of the members said: “I am grateful to God for this opportunity of being reconciled again with Him because I truly felt His forgiveness as I poured out in prayers everything my heavy heart contained.” To many of us, the day was a reminder of God’s loving mercy and our sacred duty to pray as faithful Christian Catholics. Again, one of us remarked: “I will never forget this pilgrimage, especially that passing through the Holy Doors of Mercy, for it really made me experience God’s compassionate touch while I knelt in prayer. This inspires me to live out the call of becoming merciful to others and to take the challenge of true conversion and to truly commit myself to LASA.” The time spent together among us LASA members became more meaningful because we try to seek opportunities to meet through prayer meetings, pilgrimages, outreach programs and family outings as the group plans and organizes on how we can share our little treasures with our less fortunate brothers and sisters, even though we ourselves are not rich. I am happy because even my family got involved in whatever the LASA group organized.

The spiritual journey of my family: With the passing of time, I and my family became closer to the Sisters of St. Ann and to all the members of LASA to which I belong. It was very providential that I have gotten out of my inactive and comfort zone, because I got busy in spiritual and charitable activities. I feel fulfilled whenever I have something to share with others and I realized that, after all, I’m not really poor as I thought I was. I am not materially rich either, but now I am “rich” in friends, who share the richness of one another’s company in good works, solidarity and fellowship. I and my family have learned to trust more in God, so the problems which we now encounter in our daily living become less bothersome. I learned to glorify the Lord more and to think less of myself so I am happier now and fulfilled because I find real joy in serving God in my role as a mother, as a wife and as a woman. Recalling the past, I remember that even my family was not so joyful and contented as they are now, but as we come closer to God, we also experience His countless blessings.

We do not have the wealth and success that this world offers but we are now a “rich” family– spiritually, affectively and sociably. I have eight children: six girls and two boys, the eldest is 18 years old while the youngest is seven years old. My husband works hard to provide to our daily needs and he encourages me to participate in all the activities which the Sisters of St. Ann organize. As for our children, they also became more prayerful: in fact, they are the ones who take the initiative to pray the daily rosary every 6:00 in the evening, with the presence of their father when he is at home and has no overtime work. For all of these, I and my family thank the Sisters of St. Ann who have contributed to make our family united and happy by strengthening our Christian faith through our LASA group.

Editha Salipot President Dama de Noche LASA Group