The joy of being together on 24th April 2021

Celebration of Alice Olvera’s Birthday for month of April

Praise and thank God, for the gift of Diana Gomez and Melody Lugo,  the new members, to the LASA Group

Meeting of the LASA members and the feast of Mother Enrichetta

The LASA members of Corpus Christi, Texas, gathered for a meeting on 11th February 2021, along with Sr. Lucia D’Cunha, the animator, to spend some moments in prayer, animation and sharing.  The spirit of solidarity, togetherness and closeness of a family was experienced by all the members.  Coming together was an enriching moment for each one, especially during this time of pandemic, while the whole world is going through a difficult time.  The Holy Eucharist was celebrated by Rev. Fr. Lauro Solt and concelebrated by Rev. Frs. Ogi and Juan, on 20th February 2021, in honour of the Feast of Blessed Mother Enrichetta for the LASA members and the Sisters of the Community.  May Blessed Mother Enrichetta and our Venerable Founders intercede for each member of LASA.


May God be praised for the marvels God worked in the history of the Delegation of USA, when ten ladies made a pledge to join the LASA family, on April 8,2015 Corpus Christi, Texas. These ladies have been friends of the community,since we moved from Saratoga in 1998. When they were requested to make this promise they all willingly and unanimously, said yes to the invitation. So when Sr.Letizia informed us that she was coming to Corpus Christi,Tx.for canonical visit, we thought this was the best opportunity to accept this group officially into the Congregation.Hence on April 8,2015 we had Eucharistic Celebration. Rev.Rogel Rosalinas SOLT. our Pastor at St.Joseph Church during his inspiring homily stressed beautifully the importance of Laity involvement in the Congregation and the Church. Fr.Ogie said that these ladies live in the neighborhoods, where people do not believe in God and are also seeking to serve the Almighty in their lives. They come across many opportunities to witness to God’s love and Mercy. After the homily the ladies pronounced their promise. Then each person signed the pledge and Sr.Letizia approved their acceptance by signing each pledge. It was a very moving ceremony, God was surely smiling and the Holy Spirit enveloped us all during those precious moments.

The Joyous celebration continued with songs and sharing of delicious food brought by our friends. We ask you dearest sisters to pray for us all that this new family of Lay members be faithful to their YES to God Through the Sisters of St.Ann here in the United States of America.