We keep impressed in our minds and hearts that we are destined to glorify God through our service to the little ones and the poor: God calls us to be instruments of His Providence, witnesses of his mercy and signs of Hope.

We look with predilection on the little and the poor, that is, the weaker persons of society: the children, the youth… who carry in their hearts only sadness and who are helpless in front of the dangers of a world that tries to deceive them with false values.

“Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me; See that you do not despise one of these little ones.”(Mt 18:5, 10).

Through our formative action we continue in our times the attitude of Jesus who welcomed little children: we place ourselves at the service of the happiness of our brethren to restore in each one the face of the Son of God.

We assume the love and the joys, the hard work and the pains of real mothers. We aim at the heart of the other, understanding its deepest needs. We respect and value the dignity of every person and we desire her/his full realization according to the plan of God. In our educational rapport we blend firmness and gentleness, expressing in this way passion for the growth of the young generations.

We walk in simplicity and joy, always IN HOPE, in order to form the great family of the children of God.