The anchor stands out in the design because it is the symbol of salvation, its shape speaks of the cross, our only hope, it is the cross which «sustains» the globe and in it the world finds its security.
Through the «inscrutable ways of wisdom» of Divine Providence, the Sisters of St. Ann are associated with this work of salvation. In fact the monogram of the Congregation (SSA) appears at the foot of the anchor and inside the anchor: every Sister of St. Ann is called to be a sign of Providence for every person.

Mankind is enclosed in the world, stylized with blue lines, the typical colour of humanity.

The colour of the anchor/cross is warm: the three tips are red and symbolize the Trinity. They go upwards like arrows directed towards one objective: the happiness of man. The red colour of the tips (love) gradually becomes orange/yellow, because the love of the Trinity is the light of the world.

The writing “IN SPE” is the motto of our Founders. In it is enclosed the gift of the Spirit which Carlo and Giulia received in order to work for the salvation of mankind and walk along the path of sanctity.