Various models for the LOGO were received by the General Council, all very beautiful in their presentation and meaning. On the basis of the criteria suggested for the elaboration of the Logo, we now present the one chosen for the forthcoming General Chapter. We thank all the Provinces and Delegations for their work. All the logos will be published in the relevant page of our website.

The Anchor, is the symbol of hope, security and stability.

The Cross, is the symbol of Christ, who, in His infinite Love has redeemed us and is also the path of the Christian. It rises above the world, like the cross on the dome of a church.

The Family, enshrined in the world with its joys, problems and challenges, is supported by this anchor, reaching out to the cross, journeying with the Church.

The heart at the centre, where the child is (weakest and most precious element of the society), is the heart of the world, where the family lives and grows in the love of the Father.

A bigger circle enwraps the design: which speaks of God’s Providence and protection over all the creation: it is the Triune God, the beginning and the end of all things, who embraces and surrounds us with His love.

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